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Why is it convenient to do strength exercises?

When people over 100 are asked what the secret to longevity is, the answers vary. According to Jessie Galen, a woman who lived to be 109, the secret to her long life was to “stay away from men.” For another centenary of olive netting, this included “one guinea per day”. ... Read more

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Foods That Improve Memory

10 foods that help improve memoryPexels A proper nutrition Not only provides the necessary building blocks for the structure operation of Brain, but can also affect key physiological processes that directly affect memory and cognitive function. Maintain a balanced and healthy diet Essential for maintaining brain health throughout life, In ... Read more

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A nutritionist refutes the new trend on TikTok

Eating a healthy diet is important for general health, and there has been much discussion in recent times about the existence of a diet fundamental to maintaining brain health. TikTok has become a major trend platform superfood, This is where new trends in eating this or that are born, without ... Read more

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