This is the best exercise to reduce belly fat in men and women

Waist circumference measures the health of men and women to some extent. Getting rid of those ugly love affairs is about more than looking good. Belly fat accumulation is not limited to subcutaneous fat, They are located centimeters beneath the skin, but also include another less obvious fat, visceral fat, which surrounds organs such as the liver or pancreas and which is associated with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and even certain types of Can cause health problems like cancer.

Therefore, it is important to monitor your ‘belly’ and reduce excess fat tissue. the thing is that It is difficult to lose this excess fat, especially as we age. For men, reducing this ‘belly’ is a recurring process. After menopause in women, body fat goes towards the stomach.

How to eliminate belly fat according to science

It is important to know this To eliminate fat it is necessary to create a “calorie deficit”. That is, burning more calories than you consume. It is essential to eat a balanced diet (based on fruits, vegetables and quality proteins) and engage in physical activity to maintain a healthy body composition. And many scientific studies in recent years have shown that The most effective way to lose body fat is to combine cardio and strength exercises,

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise (cardio) allows you to burn calories. Brisk walking, running, swimming or cycling are some of them. Additionally, strength exercise attempts to develop muscles to improve stability, speed, and avoid injuries, but it is also estimated that resting muscles consume approximately 12 kcal per kilogram per day. This means that more calories are consumed to maintain more pounds of muscle.

A Research published in 2012 BMC Public Health comparison fat loss Four groups of individuals (male and female) over 12 weeks. One group did no exercise, another did only strength, another did cardio, and one did both. lThe main finding was that people who attended a joint event his weight doubled Compared to those who trained with only one of the two types of exercise.

Best exercises to reduce deep belly fat

A meta-analysis that brings together multiple studies was published in Obesity Reviews by the University of Sydney What type of exercise was most effective in reducing deep belly fat And in this sense it seems that high intensity exercise is the preferential option. Studies conducted on youth and adults up to 24 years of age showed that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercise reduces this visceral fat more rapidly. HITT is interval training that combines high-intensity exercises Low intensity exercise or at maximum speed or power with periods of rest.

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