Tomas Navarro: “It is not always necessary to be liked, and seeking it is a source of dissatisfaction”

Not everyone may like you and that’s okay. We connect with some people in a very easy and simple way and With others we are emotionally distantCognition, interests and preferences.

yes, i know that’s how we were educated outgoingWhy prioritize other people’s needs above your own and make everyone like you, but you have time to learn those principles for a more adaptive self.

Start with others’ pain, priorities or Other people’s needs are not more important than yours., Recognizing that it is an act of self-affirmation and validation of one’s needs and priorities.

Staying who you are will make you feel centered

To continue Don’t stop being who you are. Or about your priorities so that the other person doesn’t get upset. If you look deeply, this anger is nothing more than a strategy Emotional bullying. If you do what I want then there is peace, if you don’t do it then there is anger.

Accept that you don’t have to be friends with everyone. With some people we may only be colleagues, companions or acquaintances. He always respect It should be omnipresent in a relationship, but there’s a long way from there to becoming friends or getting intimate with a person. Respected yes, friend maybe not. Don’t forget.

Finally, I encourage you to that you feel comfortable with him confrontation, Often conflict is nothing more than pressure tactics to get what you want. Just because you have differences of opinion doesn’t mean you’re a conflict person., Admit. We often have no choice but to enter into conflict to protect our interests or priorities.

Don’t forget that validating another does not mean invalidating yourself.

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