What is holistic medicine and what is its comprehensive approach to health?

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In the 1960s, when new ways to heal the mind and body were being discovered, Europe and America rediscovered the virtues of holistic healing…

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This type of therapy recognizes that a person is affected by conditions caused by social, environmental, spiritual, physical or emotional imbalances.

People who are accustomed to the allopathic method do not understand what holistic medicine entails. Differentiation is very simple as it is a practice that does not aim to cure a specific disease, but rather to heal a person’s spirit, body and mind using both traditional and alternative treatments. This pattern of medicine believes that a subject is attacked by diseases due to social, environmental, spiritual, physical or emotional instabilities, causing the doctor to become a preacher who teaches the patient how to prevent and treat various diseases. Guides for. Attack on the body. holistic medicine Today we believe that it has its roots in three different cultures: India, China, and Greece.

Since the advancement of traditional medicine in the 19th century, various holistic treatment Their use started decreasing in the western world. The East, for its part, continued to preserve these ancient traditions and, to this day, continue to be the first remedies used in case of diseases. In the 1960s, as new ways to heal the mind and body were discovered, Europe and America rediscovered the virtues of holistic healing. From that moment on, this method became much more common on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Types of Holistic Therapies

There are many types of holistic treatments. Some of the most popular are:


This therapy stimulates the body’s own healing abilities so that it can restore well-being and vitality using medications that restore natural balance. Homeopathy was founded in the late 18th century under the belief that the same substance that makes a healthy person sick could cure a sick person. Currently, there are wide possibilities for treating a wide variety of pathologies and diseases. Homeopathy can be used as a sole treatment or as an addition to allopathic treatment.


This is one of the traditional Chinese medicine methods and involves using very thin needles to stimulate specific sites called “meridians” in the body. In this way, the concentrated energy comes out and balances the body. This method is one of the most ancient in Traditional Chinese Medicine and believes that an imbalance of energy between the meridians is responsible for the diseases and pain that can attack the body.


It is the study and application of plants and other products of natural origin that can be used therapeutically to reduce, prevent, or cure diseases. It is praised as the mother of modern pharmacology, as it has the same purpose but is used in different ways. The practice dates back to prehistoric times, when tribal shamans used herbs to heal and heal their people. Phytotherapy is an alternative or addition to medicinal treatments as it can strengthen the immune system and help the body heal better.

flower therapy

In addition, this system known as “Bach Flowers” uses a set of substances of natural origin that are used to treat emotional disorders such as stress, loneliness, etc. Passion and fear among others. Its use was discovered in the 1920s by Dr. Edward Bach, who tested the beneficial properties of 38 wild flowers from Wales. The theory suggests that treatment of emotions can help restore emotional stabilization and, therefore, physical ailments.


It is the therapeutic use of essential oils and other derivatives of plant origin to provide healthy effects on the mind and body. Aromatherapy is generally effective in relieving digestive discomfort, minor pain, reducing stress and even solving skin problems. Blended essential oils are often applied topically or in vaporizers or candles so that the patient can smell them. In some cases, it may be combined with massage to enhance the relaxing effects of the two treatments.

Contrary to what many people think, holistic medicine does not consider allopathic medicine to be a negative experience. Alternative practices seek the well-being of people and in fact, various professionals combine treatments from both practices to integrate the benefits they offer and to improve the lifestyle of their patients. It is believed that a good relationship between the patient and their treating physician is essential to find the cause of the disease, trace its origin, and subsequently help the body recover.


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