3 benefits of exercising on an empty stomach

I’m sure you already know this Sedentary life is the enemy of health, You may also believe that when it comes to exercise, the first thing you should do is exercise. Eat – “replenish” energy stores – and then move on, And they are not wrong, because this is what is generally recommended.

However, doing physical activity on an empty stomach It may offer some advantages in apparently healthy people whose metabolism has begun to change due to a sedentary lifestyle. walking on an empty stomach is a trend in trend Which we will analyze in this article from a health point of view, and not by focusing on sports performance.

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But before going further into the matter, let us tell you that this practice should be considered only if we are going to implement it moderate physical exercise Like walking, doing household work, practicing yoga or any other low-intensity activity. Exercise is recommended in connection with fasting a few hours after eating (in the morning, before breakfast) or just before the next meal.

Designed to hunt on an empty stomach

The method of exercising without eating is scientifically supported physiological cycle of action-reward-rest, According to evolutionary medicine, humans are designed to Roaming (hunting) on ​​an empty stomach., Or, in other words, traveling long distances on an empty stomach in search of food.

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