How much does an EPS doctor earn in Colombia 2024? Specialist vs General Practitioner Salary

There is a huge variety of extremely indispensable professions in the world, among them medicine, “A science that allows us to prevent and cure diseases of the human body” El Bosque University explains that from the moment of your birth until your death.

This time, There are 126,279 general doctors and specialists in the country practicing his profession in a public or private health facility; Similarly, 58 universities offer undergraduate degrees and 33 of them have high-quality accreditation given by the Ministry of National Education. Similarly it is also estimated 3,000 new doctors graduate every year The Ministry of Health and Social Security indicates that they are willing to put their knowledge to use for the benefit of citizens.

To adopt this profession it is necessary to study Medicine degree which consists of 12 semesters or 6 years. After completing this time, the graduate will receive a medical degree that will be useful to process the professional card from the Columbian Medical College.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity Continue academic training to gain expertise On any branch; For example, general surgery, cardiology, dermatology, internist, among others.

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How much does a medical degree cost in Colombia?

This graduate degree is one of the most expensive in the country’s educational offerings because It will cost more than 16 million pesos; For example, a degree at Nueva Granada Military University costs $18,471,000 per semester, Whereas, at Universidad del Rosario, up to $33,970,000; However, there are other options for interested youth such as taking admission in a public university, obtaining a scholarship offered by the state, or obtaining an educational loan from a financial institution.

Also for the total amount invested during the race Need to add expertise Let it be done.

What is the salary of a specialist doctor and a general doctor?

Various job portals like ‘Computerbajo’, ‘Indeed’ and ‘’ They published how much a specialty doctor and a general practitioner would earn per month in Colombia.

As per what was said, the salary range general practitioner who works for the Health Promotion Unit (EPS) will be one of the $3,554,660 to $4,746,153; On average, in a year you will earn approximately $45,000,003 and an hour will be worth $20,604. For their part, professionals with several years of experience can earn $59,901,880 annually.

doctors with expertise like trainee they will have a salary From $6,546,387 to $7,633,284 per month; Similarly, one hour would cost an average of $41,941. “Entry-level positions start with earnings of $66,460,800 per year, while professionals with more experience and completed academic studies will earn approximately $138,715,620 annually,” states

functions of a general practitioner

As explained by San Camillo Hospital, general practitioners must within their functions “Prepare, diagnose, and prescribe treatments for the comprehensive care of the patient”; In addition, they will periodically perform medical examinations of users and even carry out various statistical controls that each health unit manages for “scientific and administrative” purposes.

same way, They will report the diseases the citizen suffers from And they will give them due process.

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