Know the importance of stress management, both its absence and excess can affect your well-being

Experiencing a stress-free life is a relative concept, as our living conditions, especially work conditions, lead us to need Certain degree of pressure. Similarly, there is a difference between the stress that we consider beneficial and that which we consider harmful.

Both Both lack of stress and its excess can have negative consequences. For example, performing monotonous tasks may induce harmful stress, while not experiencing any activation (stress) in situations such as exams would also be counterproductive.

So in terms of stress or pressure, it all depends on the level of pressure that we can withstand or respond to.

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The problem is not about too much stress, it is about us. ability to respond to And we have resources and enough energy when we need to activate it.

There are jobs that are very demanding and stressful. Actually it is measured. In such a situation, we call it emotional burden or burden of work.

It’s not just physical weightBut there is emotional burden of work as well as mental burden. And it has to do with the work pressure, stress level and the preparation done before that.

Therefore, preparing for pressure means finding the right gauge and having the skills to react to it.

three dimensions

One guideline that we must understand is that stress activates Three dimensions about us:Always activates thoughts, emotions and our body. For example, firefighters generally handle physical stress overload very well. They have a gym and do sports activities. Psychologists sometimes handle psychological activity or stress better, but physical stress less so.

Therefore, to live with stress, we have to try to take care of those three glasses that are about to be filled.

If we have stress we have to work on how to control it. If that stress is emotional or mental, it should affect us physically as well because our body reacts to everything.

we also need to know How stressed are we?, if we are trained to endure it or want to endure it. The limit should be one that we know how to handle appropriately and for which we have the resources.

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train tension

Stress can be trained, that’s why, for example, sports psychology is done with great players or great athletes so that they learn to manage that pressure. Among other things, it is done With the imagination of what is going to happen and the public pressure.

Additionally, for example, when evaluating human resources, simulations are performed to determine if one is prepared for the stress that one’s position will require.

One can prepare for pressure by knowing what the pattern is, what is going to happen to us and how we will handle it.

Can it be measured?

stress can be measured Without a doubt, there are many questionnaires that measure and evaluate it and that study the dimensions and their different consequences.

This applies to both specific stress Like associated with a painful condition. There is also a disorder to determine if we do not break down in this painful state, traumatic stress disorder, and there are questionnaires, clinical evaluations and symptoms to measure it.

you can also measure chronic stresswhich results in many cases burn out Or chronic fatigue, emotional fatigue.

As a signal to measure and identify indirect behaviors such as psychosomatic diseases, it appears very classically linked to stress, stomach pain, ulcers, high blood pressure, heart pain, insomnia and sleep problems. These are all physical manifestations of the One stress not resolved properly In our body.

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In all cases it can be assessed and measured by interviews and questionnaires. It can also be studied and quantified by representing situations, observing how the individual reacts to them.

It can also be established if we are facing a medical or worrisome condition, or if we are facing a situation that can be managed, but must be anticipated. Stop yourself.

in amount, You can prevent stressful situations. You must train yourself to react to a stressful situation, this will be an important element to be able to function.

Because stress can be measured, it can be trained on, worked on, and educated about.

*Guillermo Fouce (@Gfouce) is a Doctor in Psychology. Honorary Professor at UC3M. Professor of Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid. President of Psychology Without Borders.

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