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‘I learned a lot about mental health’

editorialMonday, June 5, 20234:00 pm tom holland (27) leaves his Spider-Man suit and enters ‘The Crowded Room’, a dark psychological thriller. In the ten-part series he plays a young American who kidnaps and rapes several women in the 1970s, but is not convicted of it. Danny claims that he has …

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Mikel Kercouse: ‘In love with Miley Cyrus’

The Goose frontman has a new single out: ‘The Good Life’. Her debut album, ‘Hello’, is releasing on 17th November. Swans will play at the Cactus Festival on 7 July. Matthew Van SteenquistMonday, June 5, 20234:00 pm What are you currently listening to the most? mikael carcuse «by ‘Enjoy Your …

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