Recommendations sports RS during quarantine by the coronavirus: ‘The truth hurts’ (XLIII)

The CTE is the encephalopathy, traumatic, chronic, and its symptoms are a mix of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease premature. Affects the mood, emotions and certain motor functions. Its consequences can be final, since the person who suffers from suffers from both, you can end up committing suicide. The CTE is a recent illness that affects … Read more

Recommendations: Good nature documentaries on Netflix

Nature always keeps us intrigued by the beauties and hidden secrets, continuing with the special we’ll leave you one of the best documentaries focused on her that are available in Netflix so that you can view in the comfort of your home: –Our planet: Using the best technology available was recorded in more than 50 … Read more

Cultural recommendations from the April | Newsweek Mexico

Gastronomicast, a podcast for palates fine This podcast is for palates educated and guts of adventurers who love and adore everything that has to do with the food and the drink, that is to say, the mere good of life. With acid humour and a wide knowledge of gastronomy, the hosts of ‘Gastronomicast’, the chef … Read more

These are the recommendations from Selena Gomez to spend some time in quarantine

Selena Gomez loved his followers to share with you this Monday, march 30, a number of recommendations to see, hear and read during this quarantine by Covid-19. The singer of 27 years reported in the stories of Instagram a series of images of his life in isolation on which he wrote a series of lists … Read more

Barbara de Regil is criticized again by giving nutritional recommendations

Barbara de Regil is criticized again by giving nutritional recommendations | INSTAGRAM Since the start of the quarantine, the actress Barbara de Regil, recognized by follow the style of ida fitness, has remained very close to their followers on social networks, giving the famous advice on home exercises, tips on nutrition and others. ¡Follow us … Read more