OnePlus Smartphone will soon become even more expensive? The notice of concern

Since OnePlus to get above it all for an excellent price-performance ratio, the well-established competition in their age. The Chinese manufacturer is now hundreds of miles away, and you can turn the screw on the future of Smartphones once again on the price, it is now clear to you.

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6 tips for cleaning up the Smartphone

If it’s a Smartphone or a Tablet, the owners have invested quite a bit of money, so why not go the extra mile to keep you, the loyal sidekick, right? The Tech book has some practical tips that can help you to: Practical tools for your Smartphone clean 1. The liquid screen protector, and cleaning … Read more

The Software update for the samsung Galaxy Smartphone: Samsung launches the main Android Patch

Google has published in its monthly Patch update, for the safety and security of the March of the Android, many of you spotted in the month-on-month, the security gaps in the information that is available directly from Google. Updates on a monthly basis to find for the Samsung, and to adapt them to a home … Read more

Samsung-Galaxy-Note 20: All the latest News and rumours on the upcoming Smartphone, Top

The most distinctive identifying feature of the Note series, the practice, the S-Pen is with the latest Version, based 20 on the Board. As is the case with the Interpretation of the code-named “Project C” is cut, it could be a Samsung shop here for the art, some of the exciting new S-Pen lovers-in functions. … Read more