The English ritual that sparks cerebral happiness (and that many people already have on their nightstand)

english custom which exposes happiness of mind you have to see countrysidetheir garden And its garden, Love of nature is as much in the English DNA as tea time. Fan of gardening and cultivating his own garden, walks in the countryside and he country style With its own seal, are also great fans of the use of Almanac, It may seem like an old, stale habit to you. And it is, but it’s back. we invite you look at them with new eyes because this An ancient tradition from centuries ago, I have come across bookshops, Its renewed purpose is help us connect with naturefor our training ability to surpriseto shake off our dust Curiosity, everyone’s good friend cerebral youth and Happiness,

English customs that bring mental happiness

anything that invites us go out into natureTo explore or wonder about it is one direct path to welfare still Happiness, Also for health and longevity. this is it Panchang or nature calendar, Earlier it was considered in the popular area thread or string literature Because these publications used to hang on the windows of book shops with the help of thread or rope. To this day, we continue to find these types of rural serial almanacs, which are filled with valuable information about sky and night guides, weather predictions, flora and fauna, poems, proverbs, festivals, events, etc. In England, British Almanac For the first time in 1828. in spain we have Zaragozano Calendar-The FirmamentWhich was founded in 1840 and which is still being published and which you can buy directly on Amazon.

Nature Almanac: A Way to Stimulate Your Mind

“A Complete Year: Nature’s Almanac”. Isabel Minhos Martín and Bernardo P. Carvalho. Fulgencio Pimentel Publishing House.

almanacs They are also specializing and improving their presentation especially nature almanac, In book size They have reached the urban world. Today we can acquire beautiful version Many people are dedicated to collecting. We can find almanacs specialized in In animals, in plants, in the passing of the seasons, in poems and songs And even agenda-type calendars that include everything and invite us to take a break and look at what’s around us. The truth is that they are easy to find In English, but more and more we see them arriving in Spain. has been one of the last to be published a whole year, perfect for peck natural wisdomThis is a book for read from time to time And, even better, all year long. organized as weekly agenda which runs through four seasons Its pages will show you circle of life And they will alert you about the most amazing changes happening around you, with offers activities Selected according to the Spanish natural calendar and species Who resides in it. this is a almanac book Carefully edited and packed with information for all ages.

2 benefits of keeping Nature Almanac nearby

these are Benefits of keeping Nature Almanac on your bedside table,

  1. stimulates curiosity And you connect with nature As it makes you pay attention to the natural phenomena happening around you and which we usually ignore in the busy urban life. by following the cycles of nature We enjoy it more and we ask ourselves more questions, Intellectual restlessness is one of the keys to cerebral youth because feed our mind and our happiness,
  2. invites surprise, this suggests dacher keltnerProfessor of psychology at the University of California states in his book Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Change Your Life: Our awe towards nature increases creativityOur concentrationOur welfare, Surprise is a wonderful mystery. at the physical level, provocative response Our immune system And our body becomes stronger.

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