What to eat to be happy, according to the nutritional psychiatry guru at Harvard

We are what we eat, beyond miniseries Netflix Who is winning the hearts of the audience with his experiments (further proof of this). Food and health concern us), Present scientific evidence What we eat affects us, even on a mental level, One of the world’s greatest experts in the use of foods like Medicine for mental health Is Doctor and Chef Uma Naidu, Director of Nutritional Psychotherapy and Lifestyle Massachusetts General Hospital and members of Harvard Medical SchoolDr. Naidu is also a distinguished figure in the kitchen: he is a professional chef who has been awarded MFK Fischer Innovation Award, just published calm your mind with foodThis is his second book after the success of What Food Does for Your Brain: An Essential Guide to Foods That Fight Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and Other Mental Illnesses (Grijalbo, 2022).

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What you eat affects your mood and happiness

leading in nutritional psychiatryThe cutting edge science which explains the ways Foods impact our mental health And how a proper diet can help us heal now Prevent psychological and cognitive health problemsDr. Uma Naidu works day after day to show us how what we eat affects us. our mood already ours Happiness, As he explains, our The gut and our brain are connected And, when we eat unhealthy foods, the byproducts of these foods harm our gut. As a result we can generate inflammation in the intestine And, as a result, problems at the brain level. Similarly, a happy stomach leads us to a balanced and happy mind,

6 keys so that your diet contributes to your happiness

nutritional psychiatry There is another help for Feel good At the mental level. It does not replace the use of medications or therapy when necessary, but it can be very useful as a basis for practice. lifestyle which benefits us well-being and happiness, These are the pillars of nutritional psychiatry according to Dr Naidu,

“Try to make 80% of your diet is based on whole foods, real and packed with fiber (your gut and your brain’s best friend!). That is: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, whole grains and proteins. with 20% remaining You can allow yourself some flexibility,” explains the expert.

He different color of vegetables tells you that they are rich in various nutrients, which are essential for all brain stimulation, “To optimize the quality of nutrients in your diet, be sure to eat in Rainbow Mode! With each meal, try to fill up on 75% of your plate full of whole vegetables, rich in fiber and with a low glycemic index, For example: green leafy vegetables, cucumber, radish, brinjal, mushroom and tomato. there must be rest healthy fats (olive oil, nuts or hemp seeds), low glycemic index carbohydrates (cauliflower or quinoa), and quality protein (Salmon, grass-fed beef, sardines, chickpeas and lentils). These foods help maintain you swelling goes away and higher good humor,

vegetables These are good for the body as well as the mind. green leafy vegetables -Spinach, chard, kale, arugula, romaine lettuce and dandelion leaves- must be present in our daily diet, About 4 to 6 cups. “They are folic acidA fundamental vitamin that helps our proper functioning neurotransmitter, Its consumption is associated with a reduction in depressive symptoms and improvement in cognition,” explains the doctor.

4. Take advantage of your body’s intelligence

is a key aspect of our mental well-being full attention and traceability How foods make you feel What you consume “If you have a low mood or feel tired after a very sugary snack, keep this in mind next time. (…) Pay attention to your mental symptoms after eating and use that physical intelligence decide what you eat,

Our mind will support us throughout our life. It is important to do this to permanently optimize our mental health. permanent diet change And instead of looking for quick lifestyle fixes or miracle diets. Following the 80/20 rule is a great way to find out balance permanent basis.

This point is important for others to work on as it will prevent your efforts from going unnoticed. “The Inflammatory Foods That Cause Anxiety are those that include added and refined sugarsThe industrial seed oil (soybean, corn and grape seeds), processed foods with nitrate and Meat, “Listen to your body and reconsider colorful, high-fiber foods that would have made you feel better after eating them.”

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