Prevent and Repair: Cardiologist Valentine Fuster’s Key to a Healthy Life

Famous Spanish cardiologist valentin fuster He has worked at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York since 1994 and is also General Director of the National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) in Madrid. From his extensive medical experience, and the wisdom gleaned from his 86 years, he reflects in one of the ‘We Learn Together from BBVA’ sessions. Keys to working out for better health not only of heartBut Mental,

For this expert, we must be clear about the world we live in 8 ideasThe 4 T’s (how one presents oneself) and the 4 A’s (how one presents oneself to the world)

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The 8 keys that Valentin Fuster recommends to live well

How does one tell how it is

, Teahave time to To be reflected: We need to spend time reflecting on what’s important, this is what Valentin Fuster calls ‘stopping and resetting’ and he explains that “I spend 15 minutes a day thinking about what is priority and what No.”

, TeaEncouragement: Know what your talents are. The best investment in avoiding neurotic behavior is to do what you have talent for and know how to do.

, TeaTransmit positivity: People with a positive attitude are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and even some diseases, mainly cardiovascular diseases. Positive character can be worked on, so it is not appropriate to hide behind ‘this is the way I am’.

, TeaConsultation: Cardiologist explains that it is important to have someone we trust to guide us He wanted to play tennis professionally, but where he trained there was a famous doctor whom he admired who told him: “You will make a great doctor.” And he trusted him.

How one presents oneself to the world/feels useful

, ToPositive Attitude: We will face obstacles, but we must have the conviction and attitude to overcome them.

, ToAccepting who you are requires self-knowledge and acceptance. The second point leads us not to feel jealous “If your neighbor has a Maserati and you don’t have to live

, ToAuthenticity: For the doctor it refers to the individual’s tenacity in “being yourself in the morning as well as at night, not trying to please everyone by being changeable.”

, ToTruism: “The happiest people in life are those who give, not those who take”, For the expert, feeling useful is one of the most satisfying things a person can experience.

Cardiologist Valentin Fuster with TELVA director Olga Ruiz in 2013.dani caparos

Cardiologists are clear that the increase in heart disease we currently have is a reflection of bad current lifestyle:”Quick, competitive, urgent and we forget what’s more long-term, which is usually the most important thing in our lives.”

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