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These are the countries with the lowest mental health in South America: Brazil and Bolivia lead the list. Peru Mental Health who World

The mental health of the population in Peru has been an area of ​​increasing concern, with efforts to improve access to services and reduce associated stigma. Photo: LR Rachana/Pixabay Mental well-being is a growing concern around the world due to increasing public awareness about the importance of mental health. However, ... Read more

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Aruba renews air traffic ban with Venezuela for another 90 days

Aruba renews air traffic ban with Venezuela for another 90 days Aruba’s aeronautical authority surprises Extending the ban on commercial flights with Venezuela for three more months, lapatilla.com Ok With the review that was done by NotiFalcónDiederik Kemmerling, the new president of the Chamber of Commerce, indicated that the measure ... Read more

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China’s economy is in serious trouble

Chinese President Xi Jinping (EFE/Mark R. Cristino/File) The US economy fared better than expectations in 2023. The widely anticipated recession never came. Many economists (though not me) argued that reducing inflation would require years of high unemployment; Instead, we have experienced pure deflation, inflation that falls rapidly with no direct ... Read more

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