Cardi B breaks out on Twitter against a user who criticized the appearance of his daughter Kulture

3 shares| | 26/02/2020 – 12:37pm | 2 months ago Cardi B is not characterized precisely by staying quiet on social media and when something is bothering him. And once more, has become the protagonist of a fight virtual with a user anonymous Twitter after she said her daughter Kulture, two years ago, “it is … Read more

SPENT – a Twitter User paid Osmariel Villalobos to greet the Goddess Channels in the application “famous” (+TWEETS)

Osmariel Villalobos form part of a ppp to greet their fans for $50 USD; and someone came up to pay for a salute to Goddess Channels. After the cheerleader venezuelan Osmariel Villalobos come out talking about the app Famous, part of which is coupled to a group of artists who charge their followers different amounts … Read more

The teams on the Microsoft web site: user numbers explode because of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is, and continues to be, well, this past week, the dominant theme that it’s not going to change just as quickly. Many of the companies that you need to reschedule, therefore, to send his officials to the house. It also requires the transition of the communication. In practice, this means that many people … Read more