The secret habit shared by geniuses is a passport to happiness (and you can develop it every day)

of those qualities JK Rowling is considered necessary prolific writer are: love of reading (Curiosity), discipline, flexibility, courage and independence. If we take into account that we are talking about a woman who has sold 500 million books, it is not advisable to dismiss it. the curiosity that the author has harry potter, Do we all have this? According to professor of musicology Harvard University Craig WrightIn terms of talents we will talk about a insatiable curiosity, “It’s called willingness to learn, passion for knowledge one of two powerful curiosity: All of these characteristics drive the same thing and we all have them, albeit to varying degrees. (…) For geniuses, compared to other people, the desire to understand can be compared an itch, great minds get irritated When they are faced with a mysterious problem and they want to find solutions“He says in his new book Secret habits of geniuses (Peninsula, 2024), examining the qualities that hide great minds beyond their talent and IQ.

The Secret Habit Great Geniuses Share

“The curious people They want to turn comfort into trouble; they consider that What they see doesn’t match what they know And they feel compelled to reconcile that difference,” Wright explains. There’s more to the case with geniuses: They don’t seem to realize the discomfort.”Miguel Angel He did not complain about his fate, although he spent sixteen hours a day for four years PainStretching upwards, painting frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Isaac Newton When he stuck a large blunt needle in the corner of one of his eyes and turned it around to see if it affected the way he perceived colors, he didn’t seem to complain. He goes on to say, “To make myself a man of the world, franklin He learned to speak French and Italian, and he learned to read Spanish and Latin.” In short, “Although it is invisible and incomparable, Curiosity there is one essential part ofpersonality of each person and is inextricably linked with other personal qualities; In particular, with Passion,

Curiosity is a passport to happiness (and you can develop it every day)

,recent research curiosity combined with Happinesswith more satisfying relationshipsand a bigger personal development, sense of life And creativity, Additionally, curiosity may also play a role in survival Of our species,” the Harvard professor explains. curiosity is one true desire for knowledge Which motivates us to actively seek new information. improve memory (Gruber and Ranganath, 2019), the creativity and flow state (Schutte and Malouf, 2020). It’s related to something great satisfaction with life (Proctor et al., 2011) and have also been related to good age (Sakaki et al., 2018). Craig asks: “After all, how can those of us who are not talented be develop a desire to learn Beyond the obvious tasks of reading and attending conferences, or finding a challenging place to spend the next vacation?” and propose some ideas to practice daily,

  • look forward to receiving new experiences And no family.
  • dare to do something that scares you,
  • He bold,
  • make questions,
  • If you ask once, Hear Answer carefully; You will learn something.

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