You and Bill Gates have the same sleep routine (it helps you disconnect and rest better)

The American tycoon and co-founder of Microsoft has confessed on several occasions that his bedtime routine, Considered one of the geniuses of our times, Bill Gates, at bedtime is quite a classic. except for clean the dishes After dinner he always devotes time ReadingTwo activities that allow you stay away from daily stress And to concentrate In a specific activity. In fact, it is a very beneficial routine for mental well-being Since it fascinates brain activity taking him away from multitasking and focus on In something. The billionaire confesses a An avid reader who reads an average of 50 books per year, Bet on continuing reading On paper, The reason is simple. Since Gates read the book of the English neuroscientist Matthew Walker, why do we sleephe realized importance of sleepOr in your health. “Ignoring sleep weakens creativityproblem solving, decision makingLearn, Memoryheart health, brain health, mental health, emotional well-beingimmune system and even your life,” he explains on his blog, GatesNotes,

Bill Gates’ bedtime routine helps you disconnect and rest better

according to him sleep institute, There are many benefits of reading before sleeping Which contributes to health, well-being and happiness. “He Reading habit is one of the best medicines for mental health And sleep hygiene. This activity contributes to cognitive reserve And helps us create content for our dreams,” he explains. According to this these are some of its benefits Planeta Editorial,

  • reading helps you sleep better, “Reading will help you to travel to more or less distant worlds that will allow you disconnect And this will help you relieve the stress accumulated throughout the day. In fact, it not only helps you fall asleep, but it also allows you to sleep better,” explains Editorial Planeta.
  • Reading relieves you of accumulated stress, According to a study by University of SussexThe stress level in a person who reads, especially before sleeping, is reduce up to 68%, just with 6 minutes of reading It is possible to slow the heart rate and relieve muscle tension.
  • Reading increases concentration and creativity, Reading allows us to concentrate that contributes to our improvement concentration, Moreover, reading exposes us to new worlds, new characters, words, etc. “It is therefore inevitable that perspectives will expand and our ability to solve problems will also increase,” say Planeta experts.
  • Reading improves our emotional balance, “Reading can be a source of Motivation and self-connection, Not only does this help us sleep more peacefully, but we also live a better life.”
  • Reading prevents diseases like dementia, “The Establishment of the ACE-Barcelona Alzheimer’s Treatment and Research Center The importance of reading in Alzheimer’s patients has been highlighted, as this activity helps them maintain cognitive activity And delays the effects of the disease.

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