Breathing is important for improving health and well-being

Humans can survive for long periods without food, several days without drinking water, but only a few minutes without breathing. This mechanical action is so important that

we perform continuously And it has been shown that, with good work, we can achieve very positive health outcomes.

We breathe approximately 21,000 times a day, and many of them uncontrollably, without any awareness that we are doing so. It can also be something else, a moment of disconnection from the outside and connection of mind and body, in which we can also grow.

knowledge about oneself,

Rubén Sosa, who already has more than half a million followers on his Instagram account (@medita_por_el_mundo), is

Oxygen Advantage Trainer and breathing techniques by YogaBody and he knows that working on these techniques is “an opportunity to connect with the inner peace that we all carry within us.”

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Benefits of good breathing


It improves sleep quality: If you are one of those who have difficulty falling asleep or you suffer from insomnia, by doing some breathing exercises before going to bed you can improve the relaxation of the body, and therefore, the REM stage. Can be reached easily. More effective way.


Reduces stress and anxiety: This is important, especially in our daily lives in which we have to deal with children, work… and, even if you are one of those who always say that you don’t have time, you just have to do something. What is needed is minutes to stop, leave your mind blank and disconnect.


benefits digestion: You may wonder how, but it’s very simple. By breathing deeply, we provide our body with more oxygen, which it supplies at the same time to the digestive organs, thus working more efficiently. Increases blood flow, regulates the nervous system and makes us feel calm, which is reflected in the completion of the digestion process.


ease the pain: When something hurts us or we feel hurt, we unconsciously hold our breath for a few seconds. But the truth is that there can be benefits from this. Try holding your breath and then exhale deeply and slowly, which will release endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.


we eliminate toxins: The function of breathing is to remove toxins from the body. Carbon dioxide is a natural waste that comes from within us and which we have to release naturally. But, if we do it through rapid breathing then it does not happen quickly enough. Therefore, it is advisable to take deep breaths in and out for a few minutes a day.


promotes relaxation:It is the key to our health. And relaxation is also worked on, because for someone who is not used to it, it can seem like torture. Sitting alone with your thoughts, without any noise and with an empty mind, can be a more complex task than you think, and breathing is a vital tool in achieving success.

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