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“Our goal is always to compete and win”

eSports Toñín, TheSuplanter and Mayans take stock of the club’s history with their sights set on the club’s revolution for the future Esports have been developing the ecosystem by expanding its borders and looking for new clubs that reach the ecosystem. This phrase is almost a mantra for the current …

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10 mystery and horror movies to watch in 2023 on streams

Classic detective, psychological thriller or horror. If you’re looking for movie tips that premiered in 2023 on streams, see the suggestions below. READ MORETOP 5 | Five tips for those who want to read more booksLAUNCHES | Suspense, crime and mystery in February8 apps and websites to edit photos and …

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What does “bait” mean in video games?

Welcome to the gaming world! If you are passionate about video games, surely you have heard of the term “bait” or bait in Spanish. In this article we explain everything you need to know about this basic concept to win your games. What is bait in video games? In the …

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