Eternal damnation, Google the Stadium, it breaks again for the great promise of 4K

According to groen, Presentations, and Delays in the Release of a Condemnation begins on the 20th. The sea is also fr, and Google Capital. However, using a Pro-user of the game Streaming platform, the resentment is spreading. The new Doom title is not available in a native 4K resolution, is available. Fr only € 10 … Read more

The power of the smart phone market, Google the Partner is not a Smart TV, the Fire TV build up

They are, especially in Germany, is a rarity: a Smart Tv with the Amazon Fire TV’s user interface. The sun is not on Amazon, but on Google, it said in a report on the Protocol, which indicates the Information of the industry. That is, the fabrication of devices with Google Play services and re-sell it, … Read more

The new pictures show that the Design of the phones from the Google

More and more of the Details of the next Google, the Pixel 4a, to come into the light. Now, new photos have surfaced that show off the cheap Google phone in a soft Case and the previous rumors were confirmed. Also, over the years has been the price, there are some indications.

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Chromecast Ultra: Google is planning an Android TV Stick with remote control

Google is working on a new Chromecast for Ultra to move to a model of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and with its very own remote control, the Transformation of a simple HDMI Dongle for the full establishment of a steady flow of Card-Based Android TV, a fully. The usually well-informed reports 9to5Google. The HDMI-Dongle-Adapter-for-Streaming … Read more

The competition with the Fire TV Stick, Google is planning its own Android-TV-Stick

Google wants to for the first time, the bring-your-own Android TV Stick in the market, reported by 9to5Google with reference to a reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous, worth it. Internally, as She described, the device is approximately in the form of a Chromecast-Ultra, however, the new model has a remote control, as it … Read more