Greta Thunberg returned to complain against Argentina and other countries

Greta Thunberg chosen person of the year by Time magazine Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Turkey were accused of “breach of their obligations under the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, to promote fossil fuels and do not control the emissions of greenhouse gases for decades, despite knowing the risks of climate change,” … Read more

Apple Music is now available in Samsung smart tv in more than 100 countries

Samsung has integrated Apple Music on its platform Smart TV. The new addition allows consumers in more than 100 countries to enjoy more than 60 million songs without ads, watch music videos and browse thousands of playlists curated by music experts, world-class.The company has made available Apple Music on models from 2018 until 2020. “The … Read more

Apple Music launches into the conquest of 52 new countries – Apps – Technology

Apple made Tuesday, the largest expansion of its services to new markets in the last 10 years, when you launch your platform Apple Music in 52 new countries, and to propose to your other apps in a dozen new markets. The us giant, which continues to diversify its business, proposes that from now on his … Read more

Disney+ reached 5 million downloads in Europe after their arrival to Spain and more countries

With the health crisis, and the confinement in our homes, the viewing of the streaming platforms has exploded, reaching even to the possibility of collapsing the network. Tuesday 24th finally arrived Disney+ Spain and a few countries more. On the same day of its launch, the platform application has reached 5 million downloads. In addition … Read more

Disney Plus is now available in seven european countries, When comes to Mexico?

Disney Plus is now available in seven european countries, When comes to Mexico? Disney Plus finally available in other countries besides the united States, to be released in seven countries of Europe after overtaking its release date due to quarantines by coronavirus. Disney Plus comes to Europe As of march 23, Disney Plus it was … Read more

“We send strength to all the countries that are suffering from the pandemic, we’re in this together”

The cuban singer Jorge Juniorleader of the grouping of urban music 4, has released a message “to the whole world,” and the cubans of the island through the social networks to the global crisis of the coronavirus that strikes more than several nations of the world. The reguetonero shared a video on the profile of … Read more

“I can not understand how to send doctors to other countries and do not secure their own country”

The popular marriage of artists Claudia Valdes and Alexis Valdés staged a live video in the social networks in which they talked about the record current situation that lives at the global level: the COVID – 19. The talented actors made an appeal to the social consciousness and to maintain a posture of “solidarity and … Read more

Trailer for ‘Homeland’, which will be released may 17 on HBO Spain and in 60 other countries

Although a few months ago HBO Spain released his first own production of fiction, ‘Foodie Love’, what is certain is that ‘Homeland’ was the first project that the platform announced after disembarking in our country. Based on the best-selling novel by Fernando Aramburu, this series created and written by Aitor Gabilondo is intended to be … Read more

Prohibit ‘Onward’ in countries of the Middle East by having a character lesbians

The animation film ‘Onward’, tells the story of two brothers elves called Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who are played by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt in the original version, if you want to see his dead father for a few hours must embark on an intrepid journey with a magic stick. It is thanks to … Read more