Kim and Dany also suspended concerts in Cuba by coronavirus

The reggaeton cuban Kim and Dany they have also announced the suspension until further notice of their scheduled concerts in Cuba, as a preventive measure against the pandemic coronavirus. “Attention all of our followers, we inform you that it is totally suspended the concert this Saturday in the Horseshoe Cattle until further notice, to prevent … Read more

Leoni Torres paused his concerts within and outside of Cuba by coronavirus

The cuban singer Leoni Torres paused all his concerts planned in the territory national and international tours, as a measure of containment against the growing pandemic of coronavirus. “We have decided to postpone all concerts national and international tours as a preventive measure for all that we are living with the COVID-19”, wrote in a … Read more

The Dany shares a message of alarm by the coronavirus from Cuba to his followers

The cuban singer Daniel Muñoz, better known The Dany, has joined the string of messages that have begun to circulate on the social networks with respect to awareness due to the coronavirus, and has launched a message to all her followers, especially those residing in Cuba. The chosen platform in this case has been your … Read more

Ben Affleck surprised speaking in Spanish after his visit to Cuba together with Ana de Armas

A few days ago, the american actor Ben Affleck grabbed headlines of several media outlets after discovering that was visiting in Cuba in the company of a hostess very special: the cuban actress Ana de Armas. After leave party together for Havana, taste the creole food typical of the Island and shopping and wear a … Read more