Yotuel send a powerful message to the government of Cuba and calling for the closure of the borders by the coronavirus

The cuban singer Yotuel Romero has launched a hard-hitting message directed at the government of Cuba in which requests and requires the closure of the borders of the island to prevent the spread of coronavirus among the citizens of the country. The member of the grouping Orishas uploaded a video to your profile’s official Instagram … Read more

“I don’t even want to think what awaits us in Cuba with a pandemic of this type”

The cuban actress Yuliet Cruz he has shown his great consternation in the social networks due to the propagation of the coronavirus in Cuba and shared a text on their profiles where he has talked with his followers of the difficult situation at the international level that has triggered the outbreak of this pandemic. The … Read more

“What are waiting for those responsible to take the decision to end the closing of the borders in Cuba?”

The cuban actor Héctor Noas has wanted to put his granite of sand to the mass called through the social networks the government of Cuba to proceed to immediate closure of the borders of the island in order to avoid a further spread of the coronavirus, an initiative to which have joined other artists in … Read more

Alexander Delgado speaks out on closure of borders in Cuba by the coronavirus

The cuban singer Alexander Delgado has joined the wave of concern that has brought about the spread of coronavirus in Cuba and has made use their social networks to send a message to his followers. The director and a leading voice of the duo of urban music Gente de Zonashared a video profile in the … Read more

Begins the evacuation of the cruise ship MS Braemar with cases of coronavirus in Cuba

The cuban government, together with the staff of the british, has begun the evacuation of the passengers of the cruise ship MS Braemar, where there are cases of coronavirus. A caravan of autobusues, trucks and cars departed from the port of Mariel, where he arrived on the cruise, with destination to the International Airport Jose … Read more

Cuba confirms first death from coronavirus, and up to 10 the infected

The Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) of Cuba confirmed on march 18, the first death on the Island due to the coronavirus. It is the patient of Italian nationality of 61 years of age, who was admitted in the intensive care unit of the Institute of Tropical Medicine “Pedro Kouri” in a critical state, and … Read more

Is 7 the number of people infected with coronavirus in Cuba

The cuban government confirmed on Tuesday that the number of positive cases of coronavirus in the country increased to seven. The information was provided by Francisco Durán García, National director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), during a special presentation in the program Round Table of the Cuban Television. “Today it is … Read more

In critical condition, an Italian tourist sick of coronavirus in Cuba

One of the three italians hospitalized with coronavirus at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kourí (IPK) of Havana is in a critical condition, reported the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) in a press release. The man, 61-year-old is one of three tourists from that country that were positive for the Covid-19 last … Read more

Cuba authorizes the entry of the british cruiser with infectious coronavirus aboard

Finally the cuban Government has agreed to receive the british cruiser MS Braemar, which is located in at anchor in the waters nearby, and with five confirmed cases of coronavirusafter the vessel refused to dock in Barbados on Thursday and the Bahamas on Friday. “Given the urgency of the situation and the risk to the … Read more