Austin Butler’s Masters of the Air sets a new Apple TV+ record, beating Godzilla spin-off Monarch despite being inferior to Band of Brothers

lord of air Skyrocketed as the biggest series debut ever on Apple TV+. Austin Butler’s performance really elevated this World War II drama, and it drew more viewers in its first weekend than any other Apple TV+ show managed throughout the season. went further than Godzilla By-product, KingIn viewership. Austin ... Read more

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RMC Bonus: A surprise Kanye West concert in Paris!

Morning show 100% news and listeners. Every morning, Apolline de Malherbe read the day’s news in good mood, with a newsreel every half hour, Charles Magnin for relays to the listeners, Emmanuel Lechipre for the economy, and Nicolas Poincaré for his daily explanations. Comedian Arnaud Demanche completes the group with ... Read more

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