The medical Adele reveals the secret to his weight loss… and it is not the exercise

Dominique Fradin-Read is the doctor who has achieved that Adele has lost weight over 70 kilos in the last few months. A radical change which, until now, prevented millions of people from all over the world guessing, as no one knew how it had been accomplished. Now, the doctor has revealed to you what is … Read more

VIDEO: Mia Khalifa proves she is not a girl frgil with a strong exercise

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Exercise for 30 seconds of Kourtney Kardashian to tone buttocks

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Batman: Robert Pattinson will not exercise physical changes to play the bat in DC Comics Henry Cavill Superman or Jason Momoa on Aquaman

DC Comics found at Robert Pattinson the ideal person to be Batman in a new movie, although fans did not like much the decision. In specific, the followers of the hero of gotham City criticized this designation by the physical actor. In the comics, Bruce Wayne looks an impressive musculature, which helps to fight the … Read more

Batman without exercise: Robert Pattinson refuses to have squares

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Must-see: with a small black shorts, Frida Sofia looks all over your body when doing exercise

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With tight leggings, Sara Corrales teaches you to exercise with rhythm and candela

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